Wireless Network Deployment

Findings from the survey may help arrange for:
• Interference from outside sources.
• AP (access point) placement for equal distribution.
• Load management
• Floor layout
Predictive Site Survey
A predictive site survey utilizes software and RF algorithms to ascertain the best placement for your AP equipment. This kind of survey is useful whenever a building remains being constructed. Employing a CAD or PDF file, the program can predict AP placement.
Great things about a predictive survey:
• Allows a network plan to be drafted while the building remains under construction.
• Can be used to obtain the budget necessary for deployment.
Onsite Survey
An onsite survey is very useful when planning an upgrade to an existing network, or following a remodel. This kind of survey is more descriptive as the technician is going to be testing with a live network. These tests will identify weak or overloaded areas. Once the difficulty areas are observed, we shall determine if new equipment must be installed or wireless device channels must be changed

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